About Us

Tri-Hospital EMS is a Non Profit Provider that has proudly serviced the St. Clair County Area for over thirty five years. Accredited since 1996, with 100% approval rating by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), Tri-Hospital EMS is a name associated with the quality you would expect from your Medical Transportation System.

Our Organization

Tri-Hospital EMS was established in 1983 to provide ambulance service to portions of St. Clair and Sanilac Counties. Over twenty-five years later, Tri-Hospital EMS is the largest ambulance provider in St. Clair County, providing service to over 140,000 individuals in a 650 square miles radius, and responding to more than 15,000 runs annually.

Tri-Hospital EMS has a state-of-the-art communication center that provides our Certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers immediate access to awaiting crews who can immediately respond to your needs.
Tri-Hospital EMS’ fleet of 15 ambulances are all ALS licensed and staffed with two person crews, one always being a paramedic. Our staff of over 90 dedicated professionals work together to provide Advanced Life Support in an efficient and reliable manner.


Tri-Hospital EMS has continued to grow over the years and has expanded its services to include assisted transportation, educational services to our staff and public and our most recent addition – a Health Care Answering Service called Med-Connection.

Med-Connection offers 24-hour a day communication for Healthcare Professionals, their clients, patients or staff. For more information call 810-989-0911.

State-of-the-Art Services and Quality


A cooperative effort of the three area hospitals, Tri-Hospital EMS has proudly served St. Clair County residents for twenty years. Accredited with 100% approval by the Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), Tri-Hospital EMS is a name associated with the high quality you would expect from your premier medical transportation system.
Tri-Hospital EMS provides emergency and non emergent ambulance transportation and is an owner/member of Mobile Health Resources, LLC, a network of ambulance companied created to provide medically-related transportation services on a regional and statewide basis to healthcare plans, health systems and other large purchasers in Michigan.


Tri-Hospital also offers Assisted Transportation, an ambulatory and wheelchair accessible service that allows you and your loved ones mobility that is dependable and secure. Our CPR Certified staff provide door-to-door service for rehabilitation appointments, outpatient testing, physician appointments or visits with family and friends. Assisted Transportation Services are available in and around St. Clair County.

Tri-Hospital EMS also offers Education Services for any community member, group or organization interested in CPR, First Aid or the use of the AED, as well as to those individuals wishing to make EMS a career. Tri-Hospital EMS is proud to acknowledge that many of our current employees have started or advanced their training with our Education Services.

One of our newest educational components is that of the Critical Care Paramedic. This education experience as well as the addition of state of the art equipment with advanced technology is just one more step Tri-Hospital EMS is taking to ensure the community receives the best possible care.

Our Staff


Ken Cummings CEO

Ken Cummings

Ann Ropposch CEBusiness Business Office Manager

Ann Ropposch
Business Office Manager

Trish May Operations Manager

Trish May
Operations Manager

Melissa Westrick Call Center Manager

Melissa Westrick
Call Center Manager

Karyn Belanger Education and Quality Manager

Karyn Belanger
Quality and Education Manager

Marjie Fuller Administrative Assistant

Marjie Fuller
Administrative Assistant

William Adams Shift Supervisor

William Adams
Shift Supervisor

Matt Biskner Shift Supervisor

Matt Biskner
Shift Supervisor